About me

Hi! I'm Annie and I live in Redmond, WA with my husband and my white swiss shepherd dog Vandal. I'm originally from Bulgaria, a small and beautiful country in Eastern Europe. I graduated an art school and then went to college and university to study economics, but the passion in arts hasn't left me during all these years. I still love painting and making fast sketches in my free time.

I started to make jewelry 4 years ago, as I just bought a few materials and made a pair of earrings and a bracelet for myself. My friends love them and this is how I got my first orders. Step by step, my passion has turned into a small business. After I quit my 8-hour main job, I dedicated my free time to what I love doing most - making jewelry! In the past few years I have managed to learn different techniques and I like experimenting with new materials and designs.

The name Moon House just popped up into my mind may be because I'm a romantic person and the moon has such a mystic beauty... It's also the ruler of my astro sign cancer :)

If you are interested in my work, please visit my jewelry shop on Etsy here.